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In Leading with Vision, Paul Blanco shares specific strategies that enabled him to grow a nine-person office to an award-winning firm with more than 300 advisors in 30 offices across five states. He also shares scenarios that didn’t work out so you can learn from his hard-earned wisdom without making those costly mistakes yourself.

Paul believes vision drives success and serves as the foundation of leadership. As soon as you reach your vision, you must define a new vision to strive for. Paul’s current vision is for Barnum Financial Group to be a $250 million firm.


Mission Statement

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The following is just a small sampling of the valuable wisdom you’ll learn from this book:
  • How having an “open-door, high-touch” firm or agency enhances trust, team building, and communication
  • A wide variety of marketing campaigns that enable advisors to reach more prospects
  • The importance of community service in establishing your firm as a trusted resource
  • Why it’s critical to groom a “bench” of leaders before you need them
  • How a division whose sole purpose is to share intellectual capital with advisors can attract top talent to your firm and enable advisors to see more prospects and clients
  • Steps for making team selling a formal initiative that can help you surpass your vision
  • Thee stages of evolution that Barnum’s call center went through to become the thriving production center it is today